Being bitter never tasted this good!

May 2, 2914

MANILA, Philippines – After almost a year, one of the country’s top plays is back, Kapeng Barako Club (KBC): Samahan ng mga Bitter. Staged in cafés, KBC is set to please kape lovers once more this June 2014 in well-known coffee shops in Metro Manila. A Special Encore Presentation will be staged for the Media before the June show (Date: TBD).

This Palanca Award-winning play is written and directed by Juan Ekis, who is previously known for his other Palanca winning play “Twenty Questions” which went viral in the internet. The playwright shares with us that he “…just wanted to stage a play with the title Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter. I didn’t know yet what it was going to be about. But I just knew I wanted to write about types of people and the types of coffee they love and how their personalities are reflected in their drinks.”

KBC is the longest-running show presented by Arts and Culture Asia (ACASIA), a non-profit organization aimed at cultivating the crafts of thespians and showcasing their talents across different venues. “ACASIA’s advocacy is to teach artists how to manage their talents wisely and open avenues for them to show it and them being a part of KBC is one of it. Nestled in a natural setting (coffee shops), coffee drinkers get to enjoy a play like this. Think of it as if you’re eavesdropping. It’s actually fun!” says ACASIA’s Managing Director and one of KBC’s lead actors, Ms. Daianne Moreno.

KBC unfolds the story of a group of coffee-loving friends who don’t believe in love but in reality, each one is dying to experience being loved.

Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter is presented by CornWorld. Special thanks to Shop Iya Misa, Shell, Style Source Manila and our media partners, DZUP 1602 and DZXL 558.

Other details:
• Seating Capacity – 40 LIMITED MEDIA SEATS AVAILABLE! (P500/ticket)
• Reservations – (Email –
• Online
o Facebook, Youtube and Instagram (/SamahanNgMgaBitter)
o Twitter (@BitterCorp)

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May 1, 2014 Labour Day

Manila, Philippines

May 1 marked another annual holiday to celebrate the hardships and relevance of workers all over the globe. Labour Day, orginated from the the eight-hour day movement. This movement pushed for equal hours of work, (eight hours) recreation and (eight hours) of rest.

In the Philippines, May 1 is also known as the International Workers’ Day. Interestingly, instead of resting, workers did a different kind of ‘celebration.’ The Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) rallied in Mendiola and wore red shirts. This was an effort against the regime of President Noynoy Aquino. The BMP expressed anger against the country’s president for not living up to its promises to eradicate corruption. BMP also voiced out concerns on power rates and tax breaks.

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No To Racism (PERIOD)

April 29, 2014

The NBA playoffs is the best time for basketball each year. Teams from the East and West slug it out to capture the coveted championship. Players show off their skills and give their bodies on the floor for the entertainment of its loyal fans. However, just recently, the basketball world was struck by a series of statements between an NBA team owner / multi millionaire and his girlfriend.

NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, made the best decision to date – announcing a lifetime ban against LA Clippers owner, Mr. Donald Sterling. The racist was fined $2.5 million. Silver stated, “We stand together in condemning Mr. Sterling’s views. They (likes of Sterling) have simply no place in the NBA.” The racist remarks was made public last weekend by

This writer is ONE with the LA Clippers and the rest of the world – NO TO RACISM!

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Chef Lau’s Guevarras Restaurant

April 22, 2014

Chef Lau’s Guevarras Restaurant
P. Guevarra Street corner Argonne Steeet,
San Juan City, Philippines

Hats off to the Chef! Great food and a quiet yet spacious location is the perfect combination for a family dinner.

Guevarras is a gem restaurant found in quiet San Juan. Unlike more expensive buffet restaurants in Metro Manila, it gives a plethora of food choices presented sophistically.

Food Recommendation – Angus Beef
Time to eat – Dinner
Company to be with – Family and Friends

Rating – 9/10
Value-For-Money – 10/10
Rate – P399 (Monday-Friday lunch), P499 (Monday-Friday dinner) and P599 (Friday-Sunday lunch and dinner)
Contact Info – +6327051811 & +639173112222