All In The Clouds

Manila, Philippines

Have you tried staging a planning session that didn’t entail long drives and would give a breather from the metropolis?

Recently, I went up with the great people from ACASIA to Cloud 9, a cozy hotel at Antipolo Philippines. We went there to brainstorm and consolidate our fantastic ideas for 2014. Once we got there, the 1.5-hour drive from Quezon City was worth it! We weren’t able to use all the facilities but what caught our attention was the picturesque view of Metro Manila, Laguna de Bay, Mountains of Sierra Madre and Rizal Province.


Here’s what the hotel had to offer:

  • The Ateroid
  • The Sky Garden
  • The Venus Hall
  • The Meteor Garden
  • The Galaxy Hall
  • The Seventh Heaven
  • The Celestial Hall
  • The Veranda Garden
  • The Kelly Heights Garden
  • The Meditation Chapel
  • The Nirvana Garden




  1. Have patience for long drives.
  2. Enjoy every minute of planning sessions.


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