The Bitter Club

August 14, 2014

MANILA, Philippines – I had an AWESOME experience last Saturday as I experienced what a play is like…in a coffee shop!!

I wrote about this play several months back but I have not seen it live. Since then, I kept my excitement and occupied myself by supporting the marketing efforts of Acasia, the non-profit organization producing “Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter”. All the preparation boiled down to one night, a special encore presentation for the Media and Bloggers. The wait was worth every minute. Everyone was having fun, got a lot of freebies and was able to interact with the actors. 🙂

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The play started at exactly 7:30pm. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to happen on time but the group was committed to what it promised to the attendees. From scene 1 up to the final act, all 7 actors lived up to their characters. Kudos to Mr. Juan Ekis, the Palanca Award-Winning writer who orchestrated the night.



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Thank you again to all who supported and joined us last Saturday. It’s something for the books and we look forward to seeing everyone in the succeeding runs of KBC! For those who missed out on this play, it will be BEST to experience it first hand. It’s rare you find a play in a cafe, right? :p

Here are the details:

Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter is presented by Third Cup Café and CornWorld.

In cooperation with Enjoy Comfort Concoction, Shop Iya Misa, Crevin Media, EAT Great Food, Infinitea Katipunan, Blushing Cupcakes, Bravo Advertising, Mr. Sherwin Hermogenes and Mr. Arjohn Lascano.

Special thanks to DZXL 558, Seiri Magazine, Wazzup Pilipinas, DZUP 1602, Pieces of Liz, I am Dekaphobe, Kamoterunner, Mix of Everything, Thoughtspresso, San Beda Alabang and The Write Type.

  • Seating Capacity – ONLY 40 SEATS AVAILABLE! (P500/ticket with 1 free drink)
  • Reservations – (Mobile – +63 908 432 8837 ; Email – &
  • Online
    • Facebook, Youtube and Instagram (/SamahanNgMgaBitter)
    • Twitter (@BitterCorp)

Being bitter never tasted this good!

May 2, 2914

MANILA, Philippines – After almost a year, one of the country’s top plays is back, Kapeng Barako Club (KBC): Samahan ng mga Bitter. Staged in cafés, KBC is set to please kape lovers once more this June 2014 in well-known coffee shops in Metro Manila. A Special Encore Presentation will be staged for the Media before the June show (Date: TBD).

This Palanca Award-winning play is written and directed by Juan Ekis, who is previously known for his other Palanca winning play “Twenty Questions” which went viral in the internet. The playwright shares with us that he “…just wanted to stage a play with the title Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter. I didn’t know yet what it was going to be about. But I just knew I wanted to write about types of people and the types of coffee they love and how their personalities are reflected in their drinks.”

KBC is the longest-running show presented by Arts and Culture Asia (ACASIA), a non-profit organization aimed at cultivating the crafts of thespians and showcasing their talents across different venues. “ACASIA’s advocacy is to teach artists how to manage their talents wisely and open avenues for them to show it and them being a part of KBC is one of it. Nestled in a natural setting (coffee shops), coffee drinkers get to enjoy a play like this. Think of it as if you’re eavesdropping. It’s actually fun!” says ACASIA’s Managing Director and one of KBC’s lead actors, Ms. Daianne Moreno.

KBC unfolds the story of a group of coffee-loving friends who don’t believe in love but in reality, each one is dying to experience being loved.

Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter is presented by CornWorld. Special thanks to Shop Iya Misa, Shell, Style Source Manila and our media partners, DZUP 1602 and DZXL 558.

Other details:
• Seating Capacity – 40 LIMITED MEDIA SEATS AVAILABLE! (P500/ticket)
• Reservations – (Email –
• Online
o Facebook, Youtube and Instagram (/SamahanNgMgaBitter)
o Twitter (@BitterCorp)

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